The aged and worn stainless steel that bears the marks of intense use. A heterogeneous and shaded color enriched by moths, which enhance its vintage and industrial flavor. Depending on the use, you can choose 3 versions: -“Natural”, for both indoor and outdoor use – “Glass-lined”, a treatment that makes the Fossil Peltrox® finish suitable for use in the kitchen environment, being resistant to the most common acid agents. – “Protected”, improving the material’s scratch resistance, and making it more suitable for home furnishing environments


  • Food contact surfaces
  • Horizontal surfaces
  • Indoor
  • Intensive use surfaces
  • Marine environment
  • Outdoor
  • Vertical surfaces

The base of FOSSIL PELTROX® is Stainless Steel.

Download the technical sheet Fossil peltrox®
Download the technical sheet Protected fossil peltrox®
Download the technical sheet Glass-lined fossil peltrox®

Some projects with Fossil peltrox®