The light that guides us on our daily journey.


There’s more to being connected than just communicating. We want to get closer to our interlocutor and speak his own language, to connect with him and listen to his needs.


The available resources (time and money) are NOT unlimited. We are responsible for the actions we decide to take.


You must find your own uniqueness and stand out from everybody else. Being unique is the key to being recognized.


DMM involves all people in seizing opportunities or finding solutions. Ambitious results are only possible by working together.

Constant improvement

It is the mental attitude of those who feel satisfied with what they achieved today, but not settled, so that tomorrow they want to do better than today.


The world and the market are constantly and rapidly changing. A flexible company demands flexible minds. Having an open mind is essential to identify the opportunities and to seize them quickly.


We want to be actual pioneers thanks to our innovative ideas and proposals


Training means “shaping” somebody, that is, adapting both individual and team skills to constantly evolving needs. Training also means “training for action”. The real goal of training is not knowledge, but action.


A fundamental value in the market is to be reliable. Let’s make sure that our actions end up in the green bell of “doing well at the first shot”.

Fast but not in a hurry

This is what everybody expects from us. Important: there must be an appropriate amount of time between DEMAND and RESPONSE: it is essential for the analysis and the choice of the appropriate solution.

Flow work

Form teams that take on a job from start to finish in flow. Any interruptions in the flow are only justified when specific technologies and/or skills are needed.


For Dmm, Renaissance is not an era, but an attitude. It is a different way of seeing and interpreting the world, introducing a change of perspective that allows us to direct our glance towards new horizons.